Homebrew Hardware Contest

What is the Homebrew Hardware Contest?

The HomebrewHardware contest is being held at DEF CON 27.  It's a place to showcase your skill, techniques, and project.
1.  Bring your hardware, and proof of how you made it (video, pictures, etc.)
2.  Each entry will be given 5 minutes to discuss what they built, how they built it, and show a practical demonstration.
3.  A panel of judges will rank entries based on a number of attributes including: innovativeness, construction techniques, utility, and aesthetics.
4.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
5.  Entries should be submitted via email, but must be present to win. We'll accept entries until ~ NOON on Saturday Aug. 10th.
6.  Entries can be teams or individuals.
7.  Entries can leverage commercial parts and gear, but should strive to meet the spirit of homebrew!
8.  No badges, please.  We <3 badgelife, but there are already some awesome contests for them.


We've added mulitple categories! Be sure to enter the right category for your project.

How to enter

Copy the form into the body of an email, and send it to: homebrewhardwarecontest at gmail dot com Pictures, videos, blogs...anything visual to help us see what you made is really important.

The Hard Hat Brigade contest will be joining us on-stage at DEF CON 27! Follow the link below for more details

Hard Hat Brigade Contest

Important Info:


We know you like contests so much, so we put a contest in your contest. We are joining forces with @hardhatbrigade!


The entry form is complete, find the instructions above.


We're working on an entry form and the entry mechanism. Watch this space in the next few days for more information. We'll also share the judging rubric!

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